Modern Milkman

Modern Milkman website redesign
Role: Senior UI Designer

Milkround Builder


Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

I led a discovery workshop with UX designers and the marketing team to conduct competitor research and gather inspiration for The Modern Milkman website re-design project. Through affinity mapping and ‘How Might We’ (HMW) statements, we distilled insights and set clear project goals.




Wireframing and stakeholder feedback

I then collaborated closely with UX designers and the Brand Manager on an initial wireframing session, aimed at defining a robust MVP (minimum viable product).
Gathering valuable stakeholder feedback, we refined our vision into high-fidelity wireframes. Then, I crafted the final website design, balancing UI, UX, and brand guidelines, delivering a user-centric MVP that exceeded stakeholder expectations.

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MVP Design

MVP Design

I crafted a visually appealing MVP for Release 1, focusing on UI principles, accessibility, and brand coherence. Careful information architecture guides user navigation. Our standout features include a dynamic plastic bottle counter and TrustPilot widget for social proof. We streamlined product visibility and showcased key benefits through a skinny banner. To ensure our design aligned with our objectives, we implemented Hotjar software for results tracking and optimisation.

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